Lindsay Troutman is the creative mind and pair of soldering hands behind Copper & Torch. Born in Japan but transplanted to the south, she has just as much an appreciation for sweet tea and biscuits as she does for green tea and sushi. She, her husband, and their four children find joy in traipsing around country back roads in their '65 VW bus sampling hot boiled peanuts from every stand they find. 

Lindsay has been working with glass for over a decade. She loves taking something ordinary and flat and shaping it into something functional and beautiful. Her mission is to preserve beautiful specimens from lace, botanicals and papers in glass as an Archive of the past in a clean, minimal and modern way using traditional stained glass processes.

"I love working with glass because of the many dimensions and colors it takes on. When you wear it, the beauty and pigment if your skin shows through. When you place it on your window sill as a vase, your flowers or succulent take center stage and the vase becomes functional. The reflections that glass give off are magical - impressions otherwise missed in daily life are captured in the mirror images. It's dangerous. How can something so smooth and clean also cut and create shards? It can withstand such heat from flame, yet shatters if tapped too hard. It's an amazing medium."